good cheap pentax dslr body for first time dslr person

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Re: good cheap pentax dslr body for first time dslr person

I don't know how to relate which camera would be better in terms of manual lenses, but I want to go against the grain and recommend the K-r. I have had this camera since August and love it for the price range you want. Yes, there is a widespread indoor problem in tungsten light, at wide aperture, for some (not sure if everyone experiences this), with viewfinder but not with live view, of front focusing/fuzzy focusing. I have not encountered this myself. Our home is all CFL and fluorescent except for one room, but even in that room, as I use it, I have not encountered the problem. Shooting manual this may not be an issue for you either.

Ourdoors it is punchy, sharp, and quicker in continuous shooting than the K-x. It does extremely well at high iso. It is feature rich for a camera in this price range, though not as much so as the K-5. I will not pretend it is equal to the K-5, but for the money and for those of us who don't need some of the K-5 features, or can't afford a K-5, it is worth a consideration.

In terms of AF lenses, if you go that direction, my favorite lens for not much money is the DA 16-45mm. It is beefy but quick focusing and sharp, an excellent walk-around lens. Also, for versatility the DA 18-135mm is better than I thought it would be and the inexpensive 35mm f2.4 is a versatile prime for not much money. I use it indoors and out. I am sure it does not match the Limiteds though, and, like most here, I am anxious to add at least one Limited prime to my collection.

In no way does the K-r match the capabilities and features of the K-5, but it is surprisingly good in this price range unless you have certain indoor needs with specific lighting, and this is a big part of your use of the camera.

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