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Re: Shaking my head... still

32 years on ...and little and changed. 32 years ago I experienced a very similar situation. The difference then was I used 6x7 film and shot 60 frames for a standard price most people today expect to pay for their entire wedding.

It's all too easy to miss the real reason these ill-equipped 'younger' photographers are unable to meet the standards of their critics. 32 years ago I shot weddings with one lone 120mm lens (equivalent to about a 50mm lens on a 35mm camera). I thought nothing of it either. They produce exceptional results and if you understood that locking up the mirror before releasing the shutter produced blur free results, the results were what the client expected.

Moving on to the present... I'm still shooting weddings although not as many as I used to. For every 10 enquiries I get, 9 expect to pay under $1000 and get the reception covered with it. "But so-and-so down the road said I'd get 1000 images, how come you only offer 200"?

And then there is the comfort zone thing. Very few 24 year olds are comfortable with someone the age of their grand parents photographing their wedding... Forget the performance guarantee. Forget the testimonials spanning 20 years. It's the feeling of being able to relate to their chosen photographer. Even to the point of forgiving what they sue older people for doing.

It's not going to change any time soon. In fact its going to get worse. The issue of quality and even longevity takes a back seat to being able to relate to someone in their own age bracket and there lies the real issue.

Only experienced photographers can consistently produce quality results under adverse conditions. They can only do that because once they were like the young girl with a camera far more advanced that the one I used to take the photographer of the year portrait in 1964. The one people look at in my gallery today and ask not when it was taken but where.

Lets not have the kettle calling the pot black please.

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