Love the X100, looking for something to complement it

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Re: Love the X100, looking for something to complement it

I'm going to differ here with the others on a recommendation. I've used DSLR's since 2001 and until 2010. I've used micro 4/3 (GH-1 & GF-1) since 2009. With the X100, the IQ I get is something special. It's more than just tech specs and gadgetry. The Fuji way of processing jpgs combined with their other features to obtain that IQ is truly amazing IMO. With that in mind may recommend the following. This is assuming that you do NOT need lightening speed AF (sports photography) or other things beyond portraiture.

1) As mentioned before, you could wait until next year when the interchangeable lens X is introduced. I'm sure it will be incredible.

2) Get an X10. You would keep the outstanding jpg engine and it will keep you within in one ecosystem of cameras. The images appear to be VERY good with a decent sized sensor for use up to ISO 800 or so. You would have a zoom range of 28-111 f/2.0-2.8 lens which is ideal for portraits in the 50-112 range and then the wider end if you need it for other work. The price is only $599. This would be a very nice complement to the X10 IMO.

3) Get an XS1 that was just announced, similar to the X10 but with a massive zoom range. Price is unknown at this time.

4) If you want to leave Fuji for a complement and want a DSLR, why not look at a Pentax K5? OR...even a used Fuji DSLR?

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