wishlist for the S100 successor

Started Dec 4, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: wishlist for the S100 successor
  • faster autofocus - it's on the slow end for modern compacts (a ton faster than my much older compacts though, just for some perspective)

  • and faster fps...1fps in raw, yaaaaaaaaaaaawn

  • should be able to set max iso up to 6400 - 1600 is a fine default value, but why give us a user-assignable max iso setting then artificially restrict it's range??

  • but seriously, I would use that last one all the time, it's super annoying to be messing around with full manual mode and the iso when the camera is completely capable of doing it

  • I would prefer to be able to set the flash iso, 640 seems kinda high

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