Epson R3000 vs 3880 financial difference

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Re: Following this thread with interest

gipper51 wrote:

To me the whole purpose of buying a quality home printer is to print ALOT!

You’re absolutely right, it’s dependent on individual situations. The sole reason I purchase quality printers is to make quality prints that look precisely the way I want them to, not to make a greater number of prints.

Owning a printer doesn’t in any way raise the percentage of my photos that are worthy of being printed. In fact, printer ownership didn’t lead to high-volume printing for me, any more than my wet darkroom did in years past.

I agree with everyone here that's said the volume being printed is an important factor to consider when deciding which model to purchase, and also whether to switch to a non-OEM ink system. But it works both ways because not everybody will make enough prints to justify moving away from OEM ink or to a different printer model. And not everybody wants to spend valuable time refilling cartridges and profiling ink/paper combos.

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