wishlist for the S100 successor

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wishlist for the S100 successor

One can always hope that Canon developers are actually reading forums
and that they take into account ideas/suggestions of users.

I bought an S100 a month ago, replacing my beloved S90.
First a few comments about changing from the S90 to the S100:

  • the high ISO picture quality is definitely a big step upward, ISO 1600 is quite pleasant for the S100, but was a stretch for the S90

(see the attached picture, I like dramatically over exposing at night in a hand held shot)

  • 24mm is a double sided sword, it's nice to have the wideangle, but very often I now zoom in a little (which is tricky, since the zoom is fast and imprecise)

  • the gritty surface and the 'just right' resistance of the ring at the back are very pleasing

  • I just don't see at what occasion the Digic 5 is faster, except perhaps that it does a better job at noise reduction.

What I would like to see fixed/changed are the following

  • I miss the button which got lost. I don't make many movies, so why not make the movie button a second assignable button?

  • the autofocus is struggling in low light (it feels slower than at the S90, but I might be wrong), which is very annoying since in 98% of all cases I want infinity anyway. So why not add an 'infinity' option to the focus options, and perhaps more important, why not add an 'infinity' option as a possibility for the 'ring func' button.

  • since there are fewer buttons and the AF is slow it would be nice to have a second "C" option (on "C" I always set MF to infinity)

  • the restriction to ISO 80 for > 1sec exposure is rather annoying, for example if one wants to zoom in on an object in very low light.

  • the camera became somewhat slimmer than the S90, I would have preferred to trade the few mm's for slightly faster lens (but I have no idea how the numbers would work out)

  • is it only me, or is the 'double menu' of 'DR correctoin' and 'shadow correction' awfully confusing?

  • some menus could be faster if the camera was trying less to go for effects, e.g. if you press the 'ring func' button it takes surprisingly long for the menu to appear.

Does anybody else have ideas for fixes which don't require miracles?

Also, does anybody see technological developments on the horizon which could have an impact soon? For example CMOS is nice at high ISO, but is that now the end of the line, or is there hope for another leap forward in the near future?

Canon PowerShot S90
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