Great info from interview with 1D X developers

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Re: So, why is Canon not improving faster?

Scott Larson wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Scott Larson wrote:

Although Bob might disagree with this, a camera is more than a sensor.

Why would I disagree, what you say is the truth.

Your posts are all fixated on minuscule technical differences in sensor performance

I do post on some other things as well.

as if those will be the sole deciding factor in the Canon/Nikon/Sony competition.

Of course they are not, but the main topic of conversation on the 1D X seems to be what this new 18MP sensor will do, and it seems many are expecting it to surpass the D3s in efficiency.

I feel that sensor performance has gotten so good that they are all more than adequate for 99% of what photographers use their cameras. The last 1% is not going to make or break any of these companies.

It is the last 1% that will be buying a $6000 camera. A $500 camera covers the 99% quite satisfactorily. When we start talking in the realm of these cameras, the manufacturers are talking of extraordinary prices, and the buyer should be getting extraordinary performance.

If this were true, Nikon would have gone out of business after releasing the D2h. This camera didn't even have an acceptable IR filter so Nikon photographers should have all been scrambling to switch to the 1D Mark II. That didn't happen.

Sure, I don't think this will send Canon out of business, but I suspect that they might be having another D2H experience (the MkIII being the first)

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