Canon 17-55 Questions

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Sigma 17-50/2.8 OS is a nice alternative

I am also one of those chose Sigma 17-50/2.8 OS. It's IQ is as good as Canon 17-50/2.8 IS on several reviews.

It's very sharp at center, even slightly edge over Canon's copy on those reviews. Canon wins over edges slightly however, when in wide-open. But usually I only need wide open in low light and edges/corners are in dark areas, relative unnoticeable anyway. It saved me $450 when there was 10% off in Amazon that still offers from time to time from what I have seen. It has warmer color that turns out is more pleasing according to many owners.

As for bad copy issue, this could happen to any lenses but I agree third party lenses are more vulnerable. So make sure you order from a vendor that offers hassle-free refund/exchange policy as Amazon. My first copy was not good (soft from 35-50mm when shoot from remote) and my 2nd copy is tack sharp in entire range (Amazon provides free shipping label and even sent 2nd copy thru express before I ever mailed back original lens).

A few samples from this lens on my 60D. Nothing special but just demo the IQ from this Sigma lens.

@ ISO 3200 on the ceiling in Venetian casino in LV

f/2.8 wide open in Disney park, hand-held (sort of, actually on camera bag)

f/2.8 wide open if necessary. just don't see "soft" issues in edges is kind of a big deal in these low-light scenarios.

nothing special but just show how sharp of this lens from edge to edge at f/9. According to reviews, this Sigma lens shines and even slightly edge over Canon copy when you can stop down in good light.

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