Are you photographers or just equipment geeks?

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Re: Are you photographers or just equipment geeks?

gfrensen wrote:


Some will tell that this is a gear forum, so that is allright and it is.

But all these cameras and lenses are just tools to make a picture. give a chimp a very expencive brush, the best quality paint and the finest canvas and the results will be rubbish, the same goes for cameras.

Well, it's not quite as bad as that. At least with a camera, anyone can accidentally get a good photo. Painting takes a lot more skill and manual work. But I agree that there are technical issues regarding cameras, particularly to get the best out of them.

People are whining here that you cant take action shotrs with this camera or that as the AF is to slow, I took very nice action shots whithout AF and with manual exposure. It was possible. And in those film daysyou took just a few pictures of one subject as the film costed to much. Now we are using digital, so who cares that the keeper percentage is a little lower, you can get the best picture.

I agree -- these days, all we're doing by getting bigger or more expensive equipment is increasing the keeper count. If you work at it, you can get results with more modest equipment. I was always amused at how I was able to get decent shots with my DSLR and f5.6 zoom lenses at an airshow while I saw others with absolutely huge monster cameras and lenses. Considering that I have a couple of keepers printed poster-size on my wall, I have no desire for the super-expensive white-colored lenses. Basically, you only need as much as you need, and more might help, but will carry exponential cost.

My advice is:
Start to learn your gear (and these forums are a good way to start for that)

Then learn some basic photographic (like how to hold your camera stable, how to use exposuretime and apperture, how to frame etc.)

Then when you get all what is possible out of your camera, you should think about if a better camera is the right thing for you, probbely not...

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