HX100v - User Experiences vs DP Review?

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Re: HX100v - User Experiences vs DP Review?

andycincy wrote:

Question 1: The one thing I am concerned about in DP's review was the pretty negative comments and scoring hit on the sluggish menu system. Can any owners of this camera comment on their own experience with this? any other major problems out there?

Question 2: Camera Labs seems to dislike the lens cap thought, and how it always pops off. Is that a problem with readers on this forum?

Question 3: Anybody have a real problem with how the screen only tilts vertically? I don't think I'll have a problem with that, but I thought I would ask.

Thanks to anyone for their feedback!

I got my HX100 this June, having taken 11000+ shots(although 700-800 of them are book-scanning like work and another 400-500 for only testing shots), my feelings:

A1: the menu system would be an annoying thing if you need to change white balance/color mode frequently during a few minutes. However, you can round this problem by setting custom pre-set settings(I always keep my MR1 as Apeture priority, with sunlight whitebalance and my F/ wide open, while MR2 as shutter priority with a shutter speed of 1/250s) to speed up the process. And if not in extreme indoor situations(say, a bar/pub with constantly changing temperature lumination) you don't need to change the white balance for most cases, it is indeed a bit slow compared to any jounalism/sport purposed phtographic gears(say, a Nikon D3s) but I have to say it is not built for that kind of professional shooting purpose. You will be used to it in a month.

q2: I guess sony guys made the lens cap so loose to avoid dangerous impact from occuring if the user sometimes forgot to remove the lens cap before they swith on the camera and the lens extends. While it is considerate, it can really be dangerous if you don't use a camera bag and just travel around with the camera hung on your neck in a very crowded place, passers-bys may touch the lens cap with their body and it may fell from the lens, then the lens may be damaged by further impact, so make sure you put it back in a camera case every time you finished shooting and start travelling in a place full of people. not so annoying for a few weeks' using as you will be used to it.

q3. Indeed I want the screen to be tilted in every direction, thanks to the fact that usually you will find it fine as most shots that you may take in difficult angles are using the the camera horizontally. However ,it is really a problem when you trying to shoot vertically and using very low profile just above the floor(this does happens when I try to stuff a big high building into the picture in relatively close distance), in that case, you will need to struggle like crouching even proning(yes, when I travelled with it in Europe I really hate it when I proned on the ground to shoot vertically for a high church in close distance) on the ground to tale the picture. Otherwise it is fine for you in most circumstance, much better than those static screened cameras.

Overall Q1 n Q2 are a bit annoying but you will be used to it in no more than a month, However if you are really interested in shooting high buildings vertically or shooting sports in indoor dim light(since the camera plays just as good as most compact cameras in terms of high iso performance, with iso 800 the max acceptable iso for decent IQ), you may want to pick up sth else.

One more thing about the camera is that it cannot support filters/lenshood without adapters, no external flashlight hotshoe, nor RAW format for better quality after-editing. If you really want them then just forget HX100v, otherwise this is a great camera for home use and people want full manual creative exposure and superzoom range to shoot everything from near to distance with good sharpness and low distortion from its carl zeiss lens compared to other superzooms available on the market with similar price tag.

One more thing about it is that

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