Adobe Camera Raw sharpen?

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Re: Adobe Camera Raw sharpen?

Bruce Oudekerk wrote:

If I understand you correctly, you are saying that if you open a RAW image in LR...the sharpening that is applied at that point is only applied late in the process of the final development...and there is really only one place to sharpen your images when in LR anyway?

In many ways, if this is true, it negates any statements I might have made earlier and speaks to a huge hole in the ACR/PS processing pipeline.

Actually I think your post was quite accurate until the last part about high ISO and noise. Which I didn't quite get. Whatever the case, I think LR differs from ACR an other RAW developers(ie. RPP, Raw therapee, etc) in the sense that its used as a development solution(w/plugins etc) as well as a RAW developer and so there are those characteristics to consider. However, in cases where we slipstream RAW negatives into Photoshop then the legacy rule applies. And that is where all of the emphasis goes toward image grain quality in preparation for post processing. Which also goes for high ISO images(which I think you mentioned). At which point, I agree with your statement regarding the effects of sharpening affecting image noise. Whereas, it is far better to process image detail in NR from a passive grain than an altered one.

Anyways... all this being said, it looks as though the fundamental rule stands.
Or does it...?

Recently I've been working on an advanced NR project involving demosaic technology that may revolutionize RAW processing as we know it. And one example is with that of an ISO3200 A77 file that ends-up looking like an ISO800 file before any NR is ever applied. However, what's most interesting about this is that there is sharpening involved

Anyways, I didn't mean to side track the thread but this recent discovery has really got me thinking on how the way we view things can someone come at the detriment of development.

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