Adobe Camera Raw sharpen?

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Re: Adobe Camera Raw sharpen?

jmatzick wrote:

Hi I would like some advice on when I should sharpen when shooting raw. Should I use the ACR sharpen feature or should I wait until I convert the file into .psd. Thanks for the replies. John

If you are working with Lightroom/ACR, there are some advantages on processing it while at RAW:

First, LR offers since version 3.xx a very good sharpening tool (natively), and you aren't changing your original if you use/save your settings/adjustments on the sidecar file; with the "History" feature you also always know what settings/adjustments you used.

Second, LR will optimize the process placing it on the correct pipeline order, no matter when you do (or edit) your sharpening settings/values.

These two reason alone, IMO, are enough to favour this approach, even when there are specific tools, that marginally, can do a better/more effective (sharpening) job...

All this holds true for the initial/standard sharpening almost every digital photo needs; specific sharpening (for Printing, Web, etc.) should be done/fine-tuned later on the photo work flow process, IMO.

I also don't see any advantage in saving your files as "PSDs" - a proprietary format - when "TIFs" have roughly the same characteristics and size - and exactly the same IQ - while being a more open format...

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

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