Maybe I'm nuts but I want a D200

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No, I didn't

Karld70 wrote:

It’s not that it is iso 100,.. you are missing the point. I shoot it at iso 100 because that is the lowest cleanest the camera can do, just like I set my D300 at iso 200 for studio work.

It's about exposure, not ISO. The point is that the D300 has more headroom, so if you use it then you get longer exposures and that results in comparably smooth files that can be had from the D200 at its longest possible exposure times.

The D200 at low iso (lets not even say 100) just shots a smoother noise free image than the D300.

I've seen some in this forum blow up JPEG files to 200% or even 400% to try to make that point, but in prints and resized web image it's flat out a non-issue. The actual difference in how much longer you can expose a D200 file at ISO 100 and a D300 file at ISO 200 is less than half a stop (more typically about 1/3 of a stop as that's as close as we can usually get to nailing an optimal exposure).

When I got my D300 it took me over two months to figure out how to get it to perform as well or better than my D200 cameras under every circumstance. I had to master Picture Controls, exposure, and AF to get to that point because in every one of those areas there were differences going from the D200 to the D300 that needed to be accounted for. Was that excessive? I don't think so, I spent about the same amount of time adjusting from the D70 to the D200; and after over two years I still haven't figured out how to make the AF on my A850 match my D300 (I'm reasonably convinced it's not possible), but given what I use the A850 for I have to admit I haven't really tried as hard as I could have.

I’m not a D200 user trying to knock the camera, I paid to upgrade as well, I’m just pointing out something on the D200 that is great about that camera.

I was shooting with the D200 before it was cool to be shooting with it, so don't take my posts as a knock on it, I know firsthand that it's a fine camera. Up to ISO 200 I don't see anything that distinguishes the D200 from the D300 in image quality, and I recall when the D200 first came out it was routinely recommended that users turn up the ISO to 200 so the exposure times didn't get too slow and they could have their photos be as sharp as they were with the D70 which also has a lowest ISO setting of 200 (but without the headroom the D300 has).

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