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Re: You're confusing full 12MP res' DR with 6MP 'EXR-DR'...

Mark H wrote:

You're wrong - as regards the 'DR' options...

If you select 'DR200%' in the full 12MP res' 'EXR-HR' mode then you are forced to used a correspondingly higher 'ISO-200' setting, and 'DR400%' forces 'ISO-400', etc - which obviously meters differently.

If you (or the camera) select 'DR200%', or even higher 'DRxxx%', in the 6MP res' ' EXR-DR ' mode then you can still shoot at ISO-100 - here the metering doesn't change.

...the metering does change - depending upon the 'EX-mode' - if you select extended 'DR' in the 12MP 'EXR-HR' mode it does change ISO & metering, but in the 6MP 'EXR-DR' mode it doesn't change metering (or ISO).


Well, if you think you aren't confused, then you're both confused and you are wrong - because where the HR-DR mode forces the ISO to change up-wards, it therefore changes the metering.

I should have been more precise. What I was going to say was that the metering will be equal only on the same iso level. For expample: 12 mp iso 400 DR400% has the same metering as 12 mp iso 400 DR200% as well as 12 mp iso 400 DR100%. And 6 mp iso 100 DR400% has the same metering as 6 mp iso 100 DR200% as well as 6 mp iso 100 DR100%.

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