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Re: 1:2 macro on a cropped sensor equivalent to 1:1 on FF

Andy Crowe wrote:

But as you say, M4/3 will be pseudo 2:1, so if a 100mm 1:1 lens on FF is good enough then a 50mm 1:2 lens should be good enough on M4/3 because they'll give you similar results. If you need a 100mm on M4/3 then you'd surely need a 200mm on FF to achieve the same?

The longer the better but of course the DOF may be a bit shallow. I seem to end up using my 40-150mm lens with a Raynox 250 on the front for a bit better than 1:1 at rather large working distance.

If the air is cold then many insects are in slumberland and can be approached with say a 50mm lens, but for general purpose 100mm seems to work better on 35mm film or M4/3.

Some notes from my Macro page in the E-PL1 area, re using the 14-150mm lens for macro. The Raynox 250 on the 14-150mm is a disaster but the alternative is.....


Without the added lens [ was talking about the Raynox in the previous words ] the 14-150mm lens manages 70mm frame width captured when set at 150mm and with a working distance of about 280mm. Same close-up ability as the Mk2 14-42mm kit lens.

Add the Nikon 4T [ 'tis +2.9 dioptre double element at 52mm thread ] and now at 150mm focal length and closest focus the frame width captured is 40mm and working distance about 145mm, move the lens focus to "infinity" and the same 40mm frame width is captured but now the working distance increases to about 350mm. The 40mm captured represents about 1:2.3 macro ratio.


So there are few useful alternatives and if only using macro in a casual way then there's little sense in buying a dedicated macro lens. The add-on dioptres work so well on tele zooms if double or triple element like the Nikon and Raynox respectively.

Regards.......... Guy

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