Lighting setup for the Canon MP E 65mm Macro lens

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Re: Lighting setup for the Canon MP E 65mm Macro lens

C Hutton wrote:

You will lose a lot of light with that diffuser which will slow down your recycling time. You might want to consider a diffuser that gets closer to the subject and doesn't allow an light to spill out the sides.

It is true that placing flash closer decreases the required power. Also at closer distance the diffuser can be smaller for the light to fall on a certain small subject at a certain angle. But I think spilling to sides should not be considered waste. I've seen quite a study into diffusers exactly on a jumper spider, I think it was on Photomacrography forum. Essentially you see the diffuser reflected in the eyes, so it is kind important how it looks like. I think the type that produces an oval reflection with a softer edge looks good, although it is a matter of personal taste and the desired effect. Kind of similar to the bokeh issues.

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