Shooting RAW, DXOMark, what settings for Auto-ISO.

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Re: Shooting RAW, DXOMark, what settings for Auto-ISO.

gava wrote:

What I first took away from that is that when shooting RAW one might as well set the maximum ISO=1600 (measured ISO=1000), because it's never going to go higher than that anyway.

DXOMark measures the ISO gain that is applied to the raw file. The actual ISO is that plus the gain that is applied by the JPEG engine in the camera, or by the raw processing software on the computer. DXOMark explains this here:

So, even though DXOMark measured a max raw ISO of 1000 for the X100, if you set ISO in the camera to 3200, for example, the amount of gain applied to X100 files after processing is about the same as other cameras at 3200.

Which is better?

ISO1600 1/15 f2 use max ISO and take a chance on motion blur.
ISO3200 1/30 f2 push it a stop in post and avoid motion blur.
ISO3200 1/60 f2 push it 2 stops in post and avoid motion blur.

You need enough shutter speed to prevent motion blur (if that is your intent), and a small enough aperture to get the DOF (or the lens sweet spot) that you want. ISO is a byproduct of those two decisions and of the scene illumination. For still subjects, especially if you can brace against something, 1/15 may do. For moving people, obviously you need a faster shutter speed.

I set auto ISO max to 3200, use aperture priority, and set minimum shutter speed higher or lower, depending on the situation.

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