XZ-1 - cheap rubbish with a big price

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Ben Herrmann
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Cheap Rubbish? What a ridiculous thread....

To begin with, I've had more experiences with a wide variety of different brand cameras over the years (try almost 90 of 'em to be exact) than most folks do who visit these forums. As a result, I've experienced my share of bummers (meaning individual copies that had something wrong with them - from all brands).

To place a blanket label on a particular model as "rubbish," only because you experienced something wrong with it....well, that's ridiculous. You could have just stated your difficulties in your thread and folks would have chimed in to either agree or disagree with you.

IMO - the XZ-1 is an absolutely superb platform. Is it perfect? Hell noooooo. But it performs beautiful (in particular, in RAW mode) and I've found it one of the best advanced prosumer digicams (enthusiast's model) out there. And I know since I've tried (and owned most of them) 'em all.

Right now (enthusiast model-wise) I shoot with the Canon G12, Nikon P7100 (which is a sweet camera BTW), and the XZ-1. I tend to find myself reaching for the XZ-1 quite a bit more - which is not to say the other cameras aren't up to the task. It's just that the feeling (ergonomics), color tonality, and most of all - the ability (at times) to render images from the XZ-1 that can challenge many a DSLR....well, it has become a no-brainer for me. I haven't investigated the Fuji X10 yet - but mannnn, that's $600 USD for a camera that has similar characteristics to the rest of the fold.

But "rubbish" - whoa, you're way off base here. I'm sorry for your difficulties with the camera, but to paint a broad stroke is way out of line.

Have a great day!!!!!

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