ISO 3200 A77 vs. A700

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Re: Selective and flawed reasoning.

Wolfgang Fieger wrote:

As for the nose there is not the slightest difference to see between the 2 copies.

The ear turns out to be a mystery:

How could just the ear be formed different, when every other part of the face is identical. Next thing one should do is paste the 2 images into 2 layers of one image in Photoshop. I don't have time for doing this, but it might prove what I'm suspecting =>

If not every part of the image has slightly different geometry, then it is the same image.

So it's a suspicion now, earlier in the thread you wrote:

Wolfgang Fieger wrote:

The whole post of George is definitely a fake!

I think any reasonable person wouldn't want to bet their credibility on deciding whether they were the same shot when the quality of the A700 shot is so bad that you can't tell easily at all.

I saw these shots and came to the conclusion that the OP tested the metering of the two cameras, and not the noise control. Steve West did that much better. End of story. It didn't even cross my mind that this was forged in some way, why would anyone go to the effort to do that? I can't rule it out though, but it doesn't really matter as the test was no interesting in the first place.

Some lessons learned though: Wolfgang should be a little less hasty to come to such a strong, and mean, conclusion. And rjjr is a frakking a-hole troll determined to ruin any thread in the forum. No photos, only comments are sarcastic teenage BS. F off and get a life, a-wipe.

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IQ is not judged exclusively by high iso noise performance

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