XZ-1 - cheap rubbish with a big price

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Re: XZ-1 - cheap rubbish with a big price

Nonsense and irresponsible and the very fact that you bump this thread months after the fact puts into question your motivation for posting to begin with.

It is your right to express dissatisfaction with a product but it is irresponsible to generalize your particular problem as something that is widespread. If it were, there would be a lot more discussion about it across the web. As it stands, it appears that the proportion of people experiencing the dust problem with the XZ-1 is consistent with any modern digital camera with a retracting lens. Air is going to move in and out of the camera. There is no way around that.

You can't rule out that you didn't have a dirty copy to begin with and if you didn't get this addressed with your dealer/Olympus when it was first discovered (two weeks after purchase is within most return/exchange periods) then it is you own ommission.

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