XZ-1 - cheap rubbish with a big price

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Re: XZ-1 - cheap rubbish with a big price

biza43 wrote:

If you have problemes with your camera, send it in for repair or cleaning, it is that simple. What is the point of making childish complaints,

People like you explain the increasing shoddiness of disposable consumer goods. No wonder they don't bother making them properly when enough idiots declare "Accept it, ooookkkaaay?" Childish, me? Well - enough ranting by those who don't want to keep sending their tools in for repair or upgrading every other month SHOUT loud enough and, I hope, you get to play a part in bringing down shares of a company which sold out high quality professional tools to consumer driven greed

or bad mouthing China? Do you know where some of the finest lenses are made today? In China (Pentax Limiteds).

Well, agreed - Pentax has managed to maintain it's old Japanese quality controls.

And hey - I'm in China, I love it's people - I didn't mean to diss them - just Consumer led Chinese Capitalist greed (and, really, I'm blaming Western markets for exploiting them) - but, hey, rant enough and the system may reverse where moron cosumers overspend buying cheap disposable rubbish every other day and the resultant collapse in economy has a global kniock on effect

But my point to my fellow forum users is: DON'T BUT A XZ-1 if you intend to use it outside a cleanroom

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