Police, Appear To Be Getting Ready To Criminally Attack Occupy Philly & Occupy LA.

Started Nov 28, 2011 | Discussions thread
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WHo has to obey the law and who doesn't?

95_9C1 wrote:

no, the police cleared the sidewalk - the pepper spray was a success!

The pepper spraying may have allowed the police to do what they set out to do in a lazy man's fashion, but they overstepped the bounds according to the guidelines for usage, which is that they can only use the stuff when they are being actively threatened.

Could you go back to the video and tell us at what point the protesters were violently threatening the police?

Whether you like to think it or not, the police are not above the law, or at least they are not above the law in democratic countries that follow the rule of law. Obviously, in countries such as Syria, things are different, have you stopped holding your country to a higher standard than that of dictatorships? It's amazing how things change in such a short time.

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