Shooting RAW, DXOMark, what settings for Auto-ISO.

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Re: Shooting RAW, DXOMark, what settings for Auto-ISO.

I use the exact same shooting method of Aperture priority and auto ISO, except I keep my auto ISO set to max out at ISO1600 and 1/60 min shutter speed.

I had trouble reducing motion blur both from my hand holding and the subject's motion if I went much below 1/60. However, if you are taking a shot of something that isn't moving and can rest or brace the camera, you can obviously go much lower.

However, it is a tough call and all personal preference. It also has a lot to do with what you are shooting and what you are trying to go for. If I am out with my friends, I will turn the max ISO to 3200, but keep the shutter speed min, because usually getting the sharper shot is more important than final noise levels.

Play around with it some and you will get a feel for it.

Also, when dealing with really pushed, ISO3200 files, I like to use RPP. It is worth the extra effort with the improved quality of the final image compared to Lightroom or Aperture.

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