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Re: Some idiosyncrasies

HappyVan wrote:

The system has a lot of potential. But, we need to return enough control to the user.

In Motion Snapshot (MS) and Smart Photo Selector (SPS), the user has no control over shutter speed (default 1/60s). Would be nice to dial a slower shutter speed in order to lower ISO.

Thw whole point is the speed at which it takes the shots in SPS, lower than 1/60 and it could not take the burst at the right rate.

The AF assist illuminator throws out a strong green light effective to 20 feet. It is available to MS and SPS. But, available in still mode only under Automatic Scene Selection. Not available in video mode.

It is available in all still modes. Why would you want a green light in video mode?

The SB-N5 flash throws out a niffy LED light (Capture Illuminator). But, its only available in MS and SPS! Not in video!

There is AFAIK a continuous mode for video. It lasts a few seconds. But then the battery would drain and the flash would overheat if it were longer.

Lots of changes needed. Please give feedback to Nikon.

Lots of education needed. Please don't.

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