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Re: Fuji W3 still leads for stills only, glad Sony and Panny have joined the race

Kenneth Margulies wrote:

I just purchased the Fuji W3 and while I have yet to use the video, the still pictures are stunning. I like the Fuji's wider lens separation, which to me leads to a fuller stereo effect. If the lenses are too close together, like on the Panny, the lack of differing perspective does not capture the respective sides of the subject, but just the front. I also like the W3's ability to do hyper-stereo shots. The Panny may be better on macro shots, but for shooting people and scenery, I think the W3 is outstanding.

I hope more manufacturers jump in with products and Fuji keeps updating their line.
Right now for me, 3d is lots of fun...

The Fujifilm camera is without doubt the best consumer digital 3D camera, and as you write, the stills are stunning. The autostereocopic display is also really excellent, and aside from its 3D ability the LCD screen brightens up when you take a shot which makes it so much easier to see in daylight conditions.

However the W3's video sharpness doesn't compare, even to the tiny Sony Bloggie 3D's video capture. Also the W3 uses masses of memory by utilising avi format.Also it isn't able to capture viewable near-to and distant objects together ( close-ups of people with the horizon in the background ) In fact there is a company ( Cycloptical ) that has brought out a macro adapter to reduce the W3's stereobase to 25mm to enable close-up plus distance captured together as well as macro, so that eye-straining head-ache inducing 3D isn't produced.

Comparing the W3 to to the 3D1 for instance is like comparing apples to pears. They are different animals. ( forgive the mixed metaphors )

I will never sell my W3 except maybe for a W5? as it captures regular deep 3D plus having hyperstereo capabilities and for scenic still shots can't be beaten, but when it comes to video, narrower stereobase camcorders such as the Bloggie, the HD10, the JVC 3D camcorder and now the 3D1 are much better suited for the majority of video shots that are likely to be required on the average video shoot.

Even when taking stills with the W3, it takes care to avoid taking difficult to view 3D. When care is taken though, wow............

If Fujifilm came out with a W5 that had an ortho stereoscopic base or slightly less and also a full HD video format I would love to have both a W5 and a Panasonic 3D1 to cover all situations that I would be likely to come across. At today's prices though the W3 plus a Bloggie 3D is a great combination.

I am hoping that the 3D1 will trump the Bloggie though by its having a slightly wider base of 30mm and by having much better stills function than the Bloggie, and because of its focussing variable focal length lenses, and by its having Mega Optical Image stabilisation, as steady shots are very important in 3D video.

So all hail to Fujifilm and Panasonic and Sony and JVC and others for providing different horses for different courses.

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