light meter for extreamly long night exposures?

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Re: light meter for extreamly long night exposures?

chihiro1 wrote:

I am looking for a light meter for extreamly long night exposures ( i have only found a few that can go to upto 30 min). and i dont want to be calculating manually as a I need accurate readings and that why i hope to find quite sensitive light meter for longs exposures please.

Could you tell me which meter do you think you could recomend me please?

This is going to be tall order, chihiro1 . I assume we're talking about no man-made lights. Ok. Full moon on a clear sky gives you about .25 lux. That's about -4 EV (more or less, if I still remember my math). Even excellent meters like Gossen DigiPro go down to about -2.5 EV, so it's borderline. Pure starlight on a clear night in a high desert (without mist in the air), and we're talking less than a one thousandth of a lux. That's a la-la land for lightmeters. Perhaps some scientific equipment, but I don't know of any consumer-available photographic meter that would go that low.

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