DxO 7 and A77 iso3200

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Re: DxO 7 and A77 iso3200

dennismullen wrote:

Every time DxO and ACR come out with a new version they seem to leap frog each other. I compared the new DxO Version 7 with it's default preset to ACR with it's default settings using the dpreview A77 iso3200 picture at 100%. The bottom picture is the same DxO iso3200 picture at web size.

I believe the likely reason for this is where DxO analyzes an image prior to developing it. And you you're essentially looking at a processed vs an unprocessed image as a result. Having said that, I suspect there would be other challenges in evaluating IQ from this perspective given that the output is subject to end-user precessing. ie. what's seen here might change dramatically int the hands of someone with different processing skills(Denoise, ACR etc). An so I think these factors will make drawing conclusions very difficult in the end.

RandyPD wrote:

IMO, the DxO image (middle) is the best. Look at the grain structure. Topaz has that blotchy, watercolor effect that people were trying to avoid in the first place by going RAW instead of jpeg.

That's actually a user issue(not the software). In reality Topaz's NR qualities remain one of the most accurate in all of the technologies available to date(less DxO's NR of course because I've never seen it). Though its likely that its based off the NR engine that was used in the previous versions.

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