x10 design flaw- fixable with firmware upgrade?

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Re: x10 design flaw- fixable with firmware upgrade?


Well, that has not been the case with my cameras (the most recent one's being the Panny GF-1, G3, ZS3 and my latest.....the Oly XZ-1. A post earlier in this thread clears up the issue I was having with the x10 such that you CAN see both parameters WITHOUT a 1/2 press of the shutter.



TEBnewyork wrote:

I 've read how people have answered this thread and now I'm confused. It is normal camera behavior to not constantly update the other parameters that you aren't setting until you tell the camera to meter the scene (i.e. activate the meter with a half press). The same is true on my m4/3 ond other cameras. If the meter is active and you change settings yes you will see the others change but if I wait a few seconds and the meter goes dormant a half press brings it back to life.

As far as I know that is completely normal behavior in many cameras.

Geekapoo wrote:

Was testing out the x10 at a camera store. Mostly shoot in A or S mode and for example when in A mode, will track how the change in aperature affects shutter speed and change ISO if needed (love low light photography).

Could not view shutter speed changes in A mode UNLESS I half pressed to take a picture....could not see aperture and shutter speed at the same time unless I half pressed the shutter button to take a picture. None of the salesmen in the store could set the camera to see both aperture and shutter speed in the LCD....and all of us thougt we were doing something wrong, that it was not possiblethat Fuji would have designed the camera that way.

From another thread I started, learned that there was not some specal setting so you can see both shutter speed and aperture in A or S mode. Huge deal breaker for me (though really like the camera). Never seen this issue on any ther "manual" P+S-like camera.

Do people think this is an issue AND do you think it easliy fixable with a FW update?


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