Ultra Wide-Angle Question, Nikon 12-24 constant f/4 vs. 10-24 variable aperture

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Re: Ultra Wide-Angle Question, Nikon 12-24 constant f/4 vs. 10-24 variable aperture

I can only speak to the 12-24 as that is the DX lens I bought. I also have a 14-24.

As far as constant F4, that's pretty meaningless to me. The only place I imagine it would be useful would be shooting in manual mode and zooming back and forth when wide open.

I have not compared sharpness of the 12-24 and 14-24, in terms of seeing which is better. To me, I have two grades of sharpness - good enough, or not good enough. (Maybe three - my 80-400 is marginal, sometimes in one category, sometimes in the other).

When I got my 12-24, I thought it was amazingly sharp, with one exception. The corners at 12mm are soft until you stop down. (Probably to at least F8).

From 14 to 24 the lens seems very, very good to me. Corner to corner. It's probably the sharpest lens I have at 24mm.

The 12-24 has excellent flare control. (Way better than the 14-24- examples here:

http://www.cjcphoto.net/lenstests/14-24/index.html ). It also takes a Nikon CP well (avoid skies, use it for foilage and water). I think the 12-24 is light, and easy to pack except for the hood.

When I was evaluation wide angle zooms, the 10-24 wasn't out yet, and the Sigma was on the first version of their 10-20 (the better one). All seemed good enough, and all seemed to have their own particular foible. The Nikon had moustache distortion (harder to correct in post). The Sigma had moustache distortion too. The Tokina 12-24 had CA and flare, more so than the others.

Flare control (plus the Nikon brand) swayed me toward the Nikon 12-24 and I've been happy with it. I work around the 12mm corner issue by being aware of it.

The 10-24 is said to have soft corners at 10mm wide open. Sounds familiar...

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