Epson R3000 vs 3880 financial difference

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R3000 better

Petruska wrote:

The R2880 has a 3 pl droplet size and has the same 5760 x 1440 resolution as the R3000, 2 pl droplet size. So does this mean that there is a lot of blank space between droplets on the 3000 versus the 2880? If yes, then the R3000 image IQ could be compromised.

I doubt than anyone looking at the same print at the correct viewing distance would see any IQ differences between the the 2880/3000/3880.

Bob P.

Actually someone said the stunning Hahnemuhle Photo Rag and FIne Art Pearl don't work as well on the 3880 because the large 3880 droplets and much lower res make that super sharp paper show up the ink blobs, on the fine 2pl and 5760x1440 R3000 there is no issue, just stunningly sharp 3D-like prints.

They never have gaps.

The smaller 2pl drops and fine stepping size give R3000 apparent (never seen the R3880 on those papers myself) win.

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