White balance help please.

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Re: White balance help please.

mibu2011 wrote:

I have shot two family functions recently. Both indoors with mainly incandescent lighting. I have shot RAW so I am happy with the end result once edited and adjusted. What I have found however is that I have had to adjust the white balance for a lot of the photos in pp due to a common yellow cast with a temperature as shot at around 6000-7000.

I have been shooting with bounced flash with WB set to auto.

I know this is a white balance issue but I am not sure the best way to get everything set so that the images are balanced correctly leaving little to pp from a wb balance point of view.

Bounce flash can give variable color casts depending on ceilings/walls you are bouncing your flash off from. This can make for extra work in PP to get good color balance.

If you are shooting RAW, don't worry about the white balance setting in the camera. Just set it to Auto WB and forget it.

If you are shooting in a situation with tungsten background light, you can use a CTO filter. The CTO filers can bring your flash to tungsten color temperature so the background and foreground have the same color temperature. You will probably need to learn to "drag your shutter", which means use slow shutter speeds to bring up the background light, if you want to use CTO filers. Remember, even with CTO filters, if you are bouncing off walls and ceilings, you can get strange color casts.

Grey cards or color cards can be helpful, but in a lot of event situations the colors can vary from place to place because you are bouncing off different combinations of walls and ceilings. In most event situations you cannot shoot a color test for every picture. You can do one or two, but you may still need to tune the WB of each picture in some cases.

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