Travelling in China - impressions and photos

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Travelling in China - impressions and photos

I did a short one week visit to eastern China´s Anhui and Shanghai in mid October. It was a work trip but I had also chances to do quite a lot of photographying as well because photographying of certain objects was a small part of my job.

I took with me E-P2 with VF-2, three primes (Panasonic 20mm F1.7 and Zuikos 12mm F2, 45mm F1.8) and the only zoom: Zuiko m43 40-150mm. A small, light and very versatile combo that fits easily in a small bag. This was probably first time in many years that I travelled without a backup body. I knew I could easily buy some EP-3 or E-PL3 in Shanghai in case my E-P2 would get lost or broken.

I took about 900 photographs in my free time and after long distillation process I kept about 250. I did some lens statistics about these keepers and it turned out that my most used lens was the cheapest one: MZuiko 40-150mm. I used that for 31% of shots. Close second was 12mm F2 for 29% shots. 45mm F1.8 was used for 24% and with 20mm F1.7 I had shot only 16% of keepers.

The result was a small surprise to myself because most of the time my E-P2 was equipped with 20mm as ”default lense” unless I knew that I am going to need some other focal lenght.

At home I never use longer focal lengths so much so I guess the result mostly reflects a change in my shootings habits in a foreign place although I have been in China so many times in this millenium that it has started to feel like a second home to me.

Anyway I have begun to wonder if 20mm is a bit too wide for MY photographic needs and maybe I should sell it and get Voigtländer Nokton 0.95 25mm instead now when they are more easily available?

In China I noticed more PENs this time than during my visits last year. Panasonic m43s are slightly more popular than PENs, but Sony NEX (or any other Sony) does not seem to be doing very well on Chinese market. Just my subjective observations. But of course 35mm sensor Nikons and Canons are the thing if somebody wants to make an impression. They are disproportionally popular in China. No doubt there are people who really need them, but it seems to me that at least half of the users have bought those just firstly because they are expensive and secondly because they are big. If somebody told them that Aptus and Hasselblad are more expensive and bigger they would probably buy those:)

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