The budget Nikon wedding photography thread

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Re: The budget Nikon wedding photography thread

I've done 3 friends weddings as main photographer - never paid, always as my gift to them.
Last one I did -
I had my D7000, 18-200, 50 1.4 AND SB900

My wife as my sidekick (artistically great, but just sticks in P mode) used D80 + 35 1.8 (occasionally 10.5 fisheye) + SB800

Personally I think clever use of flash is very effective and sets you apart from the other guests. eg I used 50 1.4 in Church with no flash but at the reception I tend to use 18-200 and bounce or wireless CLS flash. The wireless CLS always impresses the guests!

Key thing is then choosing best pics for a quality, leather bound printed book. Even basic pics look great when printed. I have been known to subtly add some depth of field lens blur in CS5 of some 18-200 shots.

And guess what - everyone has loved them and people even offered money for me to do theirs - I've always declined. Photography is my fun hobby, I don't want to make it a job.

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