Perspective control : shift and tilt lenses for mft

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Re: Perspective control : shift and tilt lenses for mft

Will Frost wrote:

Late to the party as always, but here's the scoop:

No problems, I have all the time. This is a delayed answer too, because yesterday evening when I wanted to post it, the Dpreview server was unavailable, I could happily save the message).

1. If you have time to set up a tripod to use a shift lens, you're probably better off using a pano head and stitching a large enough (high enough resolution) image to shift in Photoshop and throw away a bunch of pixels. Nodal Ninja has a reputation for being fast, cheap, and good, a first in photography.

I happen to have one (one of the older model), but I hadn't thought of using it instead of a shift lens. I like the Nodal Ninja, but the pano I made were rather time consuming. There are two of them in my gallery.

2. If you need to include dynamic action throughout the frame, you're best bet is the F-Mount Samyang wide angle mentioned in this thread and a Fotodiox shift adapter. If you can find a different wide angle in a different mount, know that they have a full line of supported mounts, listed here:
(All these do is shift, no tilt.)

Thank you for the link to Fotodiox. It looks very much like the Kipon adapter and to-day unlike yesterday, I found Kipon shifting adapters for mft in several brands too. I guess that this is to expect when searching on EBay.

Concerning the Samyang do you think to the 14mm ? I've not been able to find information concerning its weight, bit it doesn't look too big, so it may be OK.

I'm also looking at the Voigtländer ultra wide or super wide Heliar (12 and 15mm), they are very small and light, but they have protruding elements in the back and they have an M mount, so I'm not sure whether they would fit and if they fit, whether they won't have problems.

Bear in mind that you aren't using the whole image circle, so lens reviews critical of edge performance might not apply.

Yes, I know that, there's no problems as long as you deal with focals longer than 35mm, but after that, there is something with the angle at which the light rays are striking the sensor and the IQ deteriorates. This is especially true of wa lenses of former RF bodies, which had a retrofitted design. This seems to be the case of the Heliars.. I have to search more info about it. The Samyang look better in this respect, because they don't show any protruding elements in the rear.

Also, if you shift the lenses, you are no more in the sweet spot, Fotodiox announces a shift up to 10mm, so this is getting near of the limit of the coverage of a 24x36mm lens. I guess it is better if the shift isn't near of the maximum.

good luck!

Thank you for pointing me to the Fotodiox adapter and the Samyang lens and for remembering me of the Nodal Ninja.

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