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Re: Lack of skill and lack of practice

sjgcit wrote:

Many beginners find a DSLR very challenging. It's why there are so many "issues" with focus, white balance, composition and so on. DSLRs have larger sensors which mean that you get not only the benefit of narrow depth of field, but the problems that brings.

The more complex controls and the tendency for some people to think they have to dive into manual mode ( which they don't ) to do serious photography also contributes to their problems. Incremental learning is the key.

The reality is that, like anything, you need to practice to get good and keep practising to retain a good competence level. It takes most people a lot of effort and time and the initial learning curve seems to surprise people.

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Good point and that clarifies (and corrects) some of what I was thinking. It's so true that practice makes perfect and so few are willing to maintain the consistent discipline to continue to improve and maintain competence. I find myself getting lazy at times and have to push.

Luckily photography is as much fun as it is work, so hopefully practice won't take much effort

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