Nikon D7000 - Unforgiving

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Re: Nikon D7000 - Unforgiving

I shouldn't reply to this thread since it seems like more of a trolling attempt than anything else, but....(edit: I realize I am probably being unfair here, you probably aren't trolling, just shooting out a quick thought. But with negatives like this it's important to give reasons why, otherwise it seems to be a bit of flame bait).

Exactly what do you base your generalization on? I see no specifics whatsoever.

As for myself, I'm as close to a beginning amateur that you get when it comes to real photography and I've found the camera to be the exact opposite. It's such a good camera that if you take just a few minutes to understand the basics it will, if anything else, make you look like a better photographer than you really are.

Here's my gallery of shots to my recent trip to Lodon, my first time with a DSLR and my first use of the D7000:

I love the camera and while there are a LOT of options and a ton of capabilities, they seem to be exactly what one would expect in a camera of this caliber.

So, is the problem the camera or the user? Serious question.

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