Perspective control : shift and tilt lenses for mft

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Re: Perspective control : shift and tilt lenses for mft

The shift adapter has 20 marks, 10 to each side. I can shift over about 8 marks to

each side, with no vignetting. use in portriat mode, after stiching 3 images together, wich is seamless no parellex proplems, I end up with about 29x17mm after croping. The resolution is 18 to 20 megs. No digital upscaling.

down side wind and moving objects.

the Canon lens has shift left and right. tilt in 1 plane

the Nikon 28mm shift has shift only left or right, you have to rotate lens 180 to extend shift the opposite direction. tilt adapter any plane

the tilt does work with m4/3 and keeping the plane of focus pretty sharp

I use the Canon with close focus filter on flowers with the tilt and I can extend dof a bit more

using f4 to f8 range on all these lenes. after setup and composing shot shifting and taking 3 images is quick.

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