Epson R3000 vs 3880 financial difference

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Re: Following this thread with interest

Hi Dean,

Being the nerd that I am I keep a spreadsheet of my ink & paper usage so I know how much each print uses.

Printing the following image (note I do not print borderless the prints are intended to be framed):

on Epson A2 Hot Press Bright costs me approximately $11.97 AUD. This is broken down to the following:

Ink: 3.7ml @ $1.36/mL
Paper: $6.93 Sheet

As a second example, the following image (excluding the black borders) costs around $8.36 to print to A2 (including paper) - it consumed 0.9mL of ink:

I have printed A3+ images which have consumed up to 2.2mL ink so it can be a bit of pot luck on what amount of ink an image uses.

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