Epson R3000 vs 3880 financial difference

Started Sep 21, 2011 | Discussions thread
backayonder Senior Member • Posts: 1,204
Following this thread with interest

I used to develop and print my own black and white films in a darkroom.

Even though i have a decent Eizo monitor I have never printed my own digital work apart from using a basic printer more for documents than photography.

So now my thoughts are turning towards getting a R3880 so I can print my own work and hopefully sell it at markets.

In december I have been invited to exhibit my work at a local exhibition. I can buy A2 size images for about $29AUD unmounted from Redbubble.

Does anyone know the cost of printing an A2 image using a R3880?
A pack of fineart A2 paper costs about $450 for 50 sheets

How many A2 images can I expect from a set of ink?

Cheers Dean

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