breaking good news - 5D3 no more than 18mp!

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Re: breaking good news - 5D3 no more than 18mp!

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So you are writing more gibberish. Almost every nature scene, e.g., think of a forest in the distance, has spatial frequencies that cannot be resolved by any, repeat any, camera. So what is this "natural-sampling" BS?

When the lens is the real bottleneck, and the sampling is sufficient to prevent artifacts.

I asked for an example and I got none because it doesn't exist.

There are no other reasons, like not having access to any camera or archive?

Hardly any exist, because cameras have too few pixels to get it with a sharp optical projection. Things are only sampled naturally when they are out-of-focus or an f-stop like f/81 is used.

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So this ideal digital camera doesn't exist and will never exist. Why because that is not what photographers want or are willing to pay for.

Just because the ideal camera doesn't exist and may never doesn't mean we shouldn't strive for better than what's available now. Do you not agree?

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A bird in the viewfinder is worth...

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Who is this "we" Whiteman?? Camera companies are in business to make money. Simple. They want a certain ROI that can be obtained with the least economical risk involved. Making a camera that would do what people seem to be advocating may not be the best why for Canon or even Nikon to expend their scarce resouces. I wouldn'y mind having a monochrome 35mm FF DSLR body but nobody is willing yet to offer such a beast or if so at what price.

So this is not an exercise in getting every last drop of "performance" from a camera body it is an exercise in making a profit from the next camera body. I have indicated in prior posts that I believe Canon has decided that it is not a very profitable market for high MP 35mm FF bodies. You may disagree with that because you might buy one. But at what price?

The more of an item Canon sells the lower the price due to economies of scale. Think of the price difference between a 1DsIII and 5DII. Surely there isn't $4000+ difference in cost to make. But Canon can charge that price for a 1DsIII because those who need not want it but need it will pay for it at whatever the price because it is the right tool for the job. Rich amateurs might buy one because they can but would not necessarily need one.

Pros who need more MPs use MFs or LFs not 35mm. Canon apparently has decided that there is no photography need for 35mm bodies to have more than 18-21MPs for their intended market share. If you want more than 21MPs then you will have to go with another company.
A bird in the viewfinder is worth...

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