Camera bag for 5DII plus lenses for Air Travel

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Re: Camera bag for 5DII plus lenses for Air Travel

What a great camera system because it's just not a single bag. Being modular allows mixing and matching. Well designed and thought out. Once you have different sizes of ICU's you can mix them up depending on how much gear you need to take. Need a smaller bag? Just buy the smaller bag shell and no need to buy more ICUs.

I attended a private hands-on demo with one of the F-Stop reps and was sold. Ended up buying the Tilopa BC pack and a few ICUs, manly prepping for an Africa photo tour. Another great feature is that the bag opens from the back as opposed to the front. Being water resistant/weatherproof, you can lay the bag down in the damp or dirt, open the back, get your gear and then put the pack back on with the clean side against your clothes. With conventional bags, the side you lay on the ground is the side that will eventually make contact with your clothes and soil them. Not to mention, these bags hug your body and does not sway around. I have a Lowepro PhotoTrekkII AW, the bag weighs a ton empty and after hiking around for hours, eventually wears into you and becomes uncomfortable. I hiked through China and Hong Kong with that Lowepro PhotoTrekker AW for up to 9hours at times and I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and order up a back massage.

The nice thing about it, if you happen to get to the airport and the flight attendant tells you that you have to check you bag because they are out of overhead space, just pull out the ICU with your camera gear out of the main bag to stow under the seat and check the rest of the bag.

With the amount of gear you're carrying, you may be in for the Tilopa BC with the X-Large ICU.

Good luck with the bag searching.

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