Blown highlights with FZ150??

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Re: turn on the blinkies

After i looked at the exif data on the second picture i noted you had pattern metering turned on. Maybe you should try center weight metering and move the square to the left roof top for more like 'middle of the road' exposure.

The histogram with exposure bias at zero still shows to much blow out. So camera metered wrong. dial in -2/3 to -1 would have helped more

I would shoot under these circumstances in raw . This will give your more headroom in postprocessing . Recovering shadows . fill light sliders will have more flex in raw.

My older fz 28 does not auto bracket in RAW mode. I don't know but i guess with your fz 150 this is the same?

I agree with DM that autobracketing not adjusted with minus EV compensation would not give good results as the already overcooked samples will mess up your blended result.

I may be old fashioned but i don't trust these Idynamic gadgets. Everything with an I in front of it is turned of on my cam.

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