Panasonic G3 or NEX 5N?

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Re: Panasonic G3 or NEX 5N?

Now after a couple of months with the 5N - I find that I only have used the A55 once for a paying shoot & got just as many "keepers" from the 5N. I have it with me at all times now & don't have to settle for the very good iPhone 4 for quick candids as before.

The 5N causes no concern when "street" & "public events" are my needs & pretty sure that It will go where no DSLR will be allowed which is very cool!

With the A55 & 5N I have all the tools that I need for the first time in years! 5N is a low light monster ! Only other things that I want (don't actually need) is more glass & maybe FF in the near future.


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