G1 with legacy lenses for macro

Started Nov 30, 2011 | Discussions thread
BradJudy Forum Member • Posts: 82
Re: G1 with legacy lenses for macro

This old thread of mine shows some sample macro shots using three different true legacy macro lenses (Canon 50, Vivitar 55 and Vivitar 90) as well as a standard legacy 50 with "close up filters" (plenty of these sets available on eBay).


None of these require extension tubes (the Canon 50 does if you want true 1:1, but usually comes with it).

I have a set of Canon bellows too, which is great for fine control of camera positioning, but overkill for getting started. Start with any reasonably stable tripod.

I own the Industar 55/2.8 as well, but I've never tried to use it for macro work as I don't have an M39 extension tube or a reversing adapter that small.

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