D800 will kill MF, 5DII and D3X, finally Nikon comes through for us

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Teila Day
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Amiga computer! You're telling your age ;)

thomas2279f wrote:

Agree - both cameras 5d Mk3, D800 and the Sony FF models will be excellent cameras in daily real world use - rather than fanboy'ing which Camera make is best and which Camera company is going down the toilet.

Reminds me of the Fanboys of the old Amiga vs Atari ST wars back in the mid 80's.

I had two Amiga computers and loved them! The 1000, and 2500 model. Back then 512k of ram was HUGE and 1meg or more was simply inconceivable by most people. I used a Newtek digitizer (color wheel + b/w security camera to make color photos), and a fast Hayes modem.

You brought back some good memories from long ago when most people had no clue what Email was, when you had to program a modem to get it to work, BBSs were a pain in the rear, downloads took all night... only to be screwed up by "call waiting"!


Those where some interesting times... when it took a lot of work to fill up a 5 1/4 floppy disc.

Now you just click your browser and viola! You're online!
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