Calling all a77 owners and those that have reviewed it

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Calling all a77 owners and those that have reviewed it

Greatings Sony-ians!

New poster to DPR but have been a lurker for quite some time. An old Oly e-330 owner (with a couple of lens) looking to upgrade. Heavily debating to stay with Oly since I'm kind of vested with the lens or totally jump ship to a different brand. So I'm on a search for pros and cons. The financial/scandal with Olympus has me thinking not-so-good thoughts of their future which has me inching closer to the end of the Oly ship's plank. So I've been researching the two big names as well as your beloved Sony's a77 and perhaps Pentax's K5.

Requirements is basically one big one: articulated LCD screen on a pro-sumer type body. I'm enamored with the a77 articulation mainly because I enjoy shooting cars (parked) and a firm believer that they should be shot any other angle other than eye height. Ok I lied, AF wouldn't hurt too to catch them quick little snot-nose-kids at family/friend gatherings. Heck, might as well add low light and video quality.

I like Canon's 7D but wished their LCD articulated - but like almost everything else. However, a staff member at local camera shop said next year's 7D will have a tilty/swivel LCD. I tried searching the web but no luck. May have not searched the right words. On the other hand, a sales person at a big box store told me that there's no way Nikon or Canon would come out with a tilt/swivel screen on their pro-sumer bodies. Hmmmm.

Not really fancying Nikon's 5100's way the LCD kicks off to the side. Prefer a77's. Same feeling with Canon's 60D but their video seems to get good reviews. And the Pentax LCD is fixed and Oly's E-5 as well.

Was able to touch and feel the new Sony a77 at a local cam store. In fact - did a comparison of AF between the 60D and the Sony was obviously quicker while the 60D seem to 'hunt'. Big advantage to Sony IMHO. Reminder, I'm no pro photographer just a measely amateur/hobbyist. [Haven't done a comparison with other models]

I hope that helps you folks help me with my pondering. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Each day I search "Sony a77" to see what new has been posted about the camera in hopes of getting more info. It seems like there's a lot of folks that like their purchase and with the new FW updates - perhaps this unit has much more potential to perhaps keep the nay-sayers at bay? I know, can't please everybody but I'm somebody that would like to purchase/invest in a company that's has options, longevity and of course cost. Don't get me wrong, it would be nice to have an "L" lens but do I need it? Ok yes, but my wife sure as heck won't have it so cost to help make the hobby a little more affordable would be nice.

Sorry so long winded but in my readings, a lot of the members here are so helpful and experienced they opt to want more information to give the "correct" suggestions/pointers/help. I also asked my Oly brethern for their help and got great input. Really across the board and even suggesting other brands.

Warm regards,

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