I still curse the accursed cursor!

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I still curse the accursed cursor!

Strangely, the cursor only disappears on a few DPR forums (but then, I only access a few - 4 in total and it disappears on 50% = 2 of the 4). Grrrrrrrrrr!

It is such a PITA not knowing where the wretched cursor is located. A case of click in hope and then start tripe-ing - problem is if I cannot see where wot I dun triped iz .... it can be difficult to locate where I have triped in amongst other triped stuff wot I had already dun rotted!

It only occurs on, as mentioned, a couple of the DPR forums (could be more but not interested in other forums) and does not occur on any other website whatsoever where tripe-ing can be performed. What the Eckythump can it be?¿?

Has anyone found a permanent cure yet - or are a number of us suffering still? Or of course, suffering moving too.

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