Nex3 + Dicapac + Red Sea

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Re: Nex3 + Dicapac + Red Sea

I understand your warning & underwritting the risk was the fact I would "have" to get a 5n if I killed it Sadly it came through unscathed.....

I loaded the camera in the room & kept it in a bag at the beach & never out of the water when using it. I never noticed it feeling hot.

I unloaded it in the room after a shower & pat down to clear the salt.

I wish I had though of a panorama - that would have been very interesting....both for the camera & anyone watching me swimming in circles

I found the contol wheel almost unusable in the bag so I set it in AP at 7.1 (seemed a good idea at the time) so gettin to panorama mode would have been difficult.

I did think about the UWA & the 18-55 but I got stuck on teh 16 somehow - maybe again thinking the most disposable solution if it got wet.

I am back out there in May so maybe I will be more adventurous & the sun wil be higher which will help.

Thanks for all the comments guys.

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