Reuters are not usually prone to hyperbole

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RameshRamchand New Member • Posts: 24
Re: Reuters are not usually prone to hyperbole

Until there is a thorough audit of the books for the past several years, no one will really know which lines of businesses are profitable or loss-making.

The company has probably hidden true losses and moved them around to satisfy reporting needs for government and share holders.

Unlike western companies, in Japan there is tremendous staff loyalty and people will not quickly desert a boat even if it is sinking. With an account cleanup and a a complete management clean-up things will get better.

There are probably many aspects of the camera business (technologies, patents and research) that would be common to both endoscopy as well as consumer cameras and Olympus will need to retain this.

Olympus can indeed make the camera business profitable by reducing product lines and focusing assets on the m43 which clearly has demonstrated potential. Collaborations would be good to improve aspects of m43.

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