Lots of corrupt SD1 files

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Re: Faulty Buffer memory chip ?

Digital Coast Image wrote:

Mike Taylor wrote:

Did you ever consider going to the extreme pro cards? In almost 2000 frames I have not had a single corrupt file with my SD1 using extreme pro 64gb cards. At 90 mb/sec it clears the buffer much faster. Why would you not want to use the fastest card available for the SD1 anyways when it takes so long for the SD1 to write files?

The 16gb 60mb/s cards were hundreds of dollars apiece. They work flawlessly with other cameras, but not with the SD1 as it turns out.

Have you contacted Sigma of thought about sending it in to have it checked for a hardware issue?

Sigma's sole solution is to ship it to Japan on my dime to and fro. There is no professional support as you already know.

just what are you paying for when you buy a 7,000 dollar sigma???

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